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Garage Conversions

& Accessory Dwellings

Best investment for 2018!  A powerhouse economic engine but also the single most community minded thing you can do.  Be a force to help create housing... you can do it! No, really you can and we can help. 

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Re-imagine & re-build stronger

Without losing momentum on rebuilding, where are the gaps that we can transform into productive areas that make the community stronger? 

We are currently looking for home partners who would like to work with us from re-imagine thru re-build.



We are looking for infill properties that are good candidates for redevelopment for housing.  We are interested in purchasing property and joint venturing with property owners. 

If you own a property and are interested in what we see as the opportunities or would be open to selling, drop us a line. 



Folks are asking us to build them a home in a walkable neighborhood that feels like their community.  A home to return to after travels, a home among friendly neighbors with a lighter footprint of chores and maintenance obligations.  

Well, okay.  We are doing it and if this sounds good to you, let us know and we will loop you into our ongoing stakeholder groups.